About Blue Cactus Villas

BLUE CACTUS VILLAS is an American Company whose roots burrow deep into the Greek tradition of hospitality. Because of the international nature of our company, we understand travel both domestic and foreign.

That being said, at Blue Cactus Villas, we focus on taking care of you, so that you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your time on Mykonos Island.

5 Minutes from the Town Center, yet Away from the Crowds

We are located 5 minutes from the Xora of Mykonos (City Center), located on the main road of the island towards Ano Mera (also to Elia Beach, Kalafatis Beach, Kalo Livadi Beach, etc.)

Blue Cactus Villas is adjacent to Eleni Village Hotel and walking distance from Ftelia Beach as well as a supermarket and moto rental.

Mykonos Dining

Freshly caught seafood. Speciality fusion cuisine. Authentic mediterranean flavors. It’s all here.

With so many options available, the culinary experiences of Mykonos are sure to tantalize any palette.

The Dishes shown are all from the recommended Salparo Restaurant at the Mykonos Harbor.

Daily Excursions

Do you like adventure? We can help you rent a moto or quad, which are some of the best ways to explore the hidden corners of the island.

Or take a day to explore the ancient mystique of the nearby Delos island. A guided day-trip to this sacred island departs from the port in the morning and returns in the late afternoon.

Marvel at the preserved excavations of the House of Dionysus, the Terrace of Lions and the Archeological Museum of Delos and more.

Private Mykonian Chapel on Residence

For ceremonies and special occasions, we have a private chapel on the Blue Cactus Property. Make sure you get to enjoy a moment in this traditional cultural artifact.

Private Chapels, as well as many of the monasteries and cathedrals were traditionally built as an cultural tribute to the island’s sailors and to help with their safe return. Private chapels are also the sites for annual, religious celebrations called “Panagiris” and are joyous, festive occasions for family, friends and community alike.

The image to the right is a small church you can see in Mykonos town center.

Nearby Pool and Fitness Center

Tired of the Beach? Been missing your daily exercise?

Symmetria Gym is less than 300 meters away from BCV and offers daily access to both their outdoor pool and full indoor training facility for a fee.

Moto Rentals and Transportation

Guests usually find the best way to fully explore Mykonos Island is by car, quad or moto.

If you agree, Mykonos has many hidden treasures to be discovered by the adventuresome tourist.

We will be happy to help you rent transportation for your time on the island.

A valid Passport, Identity Card and/or driver’s license will be required.

Please contact us for more information.

The Famous Beaches of Mykonos

People hail from the world over to visit Mykonos’ fabulous beaches. Between the white sands, crystal clear waters, great water sports, trendy bars and restaurants, and even occasional beach nudism— it is easy to see why Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece, year after year.

Below you’ll find 10 of more than 25 beaches on Mykonos Island to choose from.

Mykonos Ornos Beach

3 km S of Town Center
As one of the closest beaches to the Town Center it is often one of the most crowded as well. The shores of Ornos are lined with chic restaurants and umbrellas for rent and its waters are clear and still.

Mykonos Kalafatis Beach

12 km E of Town Center
For the most part, Kalafatis Beach is known as a water sport beach center: Diving, snorkeling, water skiing and more. The remainder of the beach is quiet and undisturbed with a few restaurants and hotels in the nearby area.

Mykonos Super Paradise Beach

7 km SE of Town Center
Located adjacent to Paradise Beach, this is one of the top beach destinations in Greece for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. Expect stunningly translucent waters and white sands, along with heavy crowds during peak seasons. Reachable by bus or taxi-boat from Platis Yialos Beach.

Mykonos Paradise Beach

6 km SE of Town Center
Paradise Beach is among the most popular of the beaches on the island for its water sports, diving center and parties, which start in the late afternoon. Reachable by bus or taxi-boat.

Mykonos Platis Gialos Beach

5 km S of Town Center
The popular Platis Gialos Beach is positioned between hotels, restaurants and bars on one side and on the other, clear turquoise waters. Regular departures of taxi-boats for Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia, Agari, Paranga Beaches.

Mykonos Elia Beach

11 km SE of Town Center
Elia Beach— Mykonos’ largest beach— is also one of more quiet ones. Families, couples and nudists all share different parts of this beach while water sport enthusiasts can waterski, windsurf or parasail. There are also a few a number of bars and taverns to choose from.

Mykonos Psarrou Beach

5 km S of Town Center
Psarrou Beach is usually lined with yachts of all sizes and attracts celebrities from around the world to enjoy its pristine waters and chic restaurants. Best reached by bus with otherwise very limited parking available.

Mykonos Panormos Beach

6 km E of Town Center
Panormos Beach is a favorite amongst Greeks. It is more secluded and calmer, perhaps because there is no public transportation or boat to get there. Still, you can expect beautiful waters, white sands and a few restaurants along the beach as well.

Mykonos Paraga Beach

6km S of Town Center
Reachable by local bus, taxi-boat or by foot from Platis Yialos, Paraga Beach is a perfect combination of the lounging and relaxation. It is lined with restaurants, some of which convert into mini-clubs in the late afternoon.

Mykonos Ftelia Beach

7 km E of Town Center
Quiet and sparsely populated, Ftelia Beach is the legendary beach favored by windsurfers on account of the north wind that is receives. While there is no public transportation, many find this beach to be relaxing and a good break from the crowds.

Mykonos By Night

Mykonos has a night culture to satisfy any appetite.

For something more casual, Mykonos Town offers many trendy bars and restaurants.

For those who want to dance, the seaside area of Little Venice in Mykonos Town also has a number of clubs.

The more dedicated partier may consider Paradise Beach and the infamous Cavo Paradiso for night adventures.

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